Monday, February 15, 2016

Tuesday, February 10,2016

By now the news may have reached you of the fatality here in the
Pittsburgh mission. This afternoon during transfers there was an
accident. A bus ran a stop sign and hit the car of four of our sister
missionaries traveling. Sister Sadie Wells was killed instantly. The
three others are in the hospital, one in critical condition.
I was very close with sister wells, I served as her sister training
leader for the last four and a half months here in Hanover. Sister
wells was the kindest, sweetest girl and one of the mission's best
sisters. We had many plans together. What would have been a lifelong
friend will surely be one in the next life.
We were instructed to email family to let you know that we are okay. I
am in shock. I was supposed to be in the car involved in the accident
for transfers today, but got moved to another one last second.
Because of the accident I am staying the night in Hershey
Pennsylvania. Sister Douglas, young, and Faamaile are in the Hershey
hospital, and I hope to be able to see them tomorrow. I was just on
exchanges with sisters Douglas and faamile this week..

This morning I warned the APs that conditions were not good here in
our zone for traveling, twice. But we were all told to proceed.
Please keep the family of sister wells and the three recovering
sisters in your prayers. Please. I will be traveling the rest of the
way to my new area tomorrow.


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