Monday, February 1, 2016

Testimonio de Juan

Mi familia,

Things are good here. Juan and the girls came to church yesterday and
it was so great. Little Dianita (Diana) is basically my best friend.
She always follows me around holding my hand, I love her so much. It
can be a challenge sometimes in lessons when she wants to play ,haha.
Gino translated for Juan and another guy named Juan we've started
teaching who also happens to be a less active Peruvian RM. A member of
our ward from Brazil who speaks a little Spanish also joined us, and
brother Atkinson who served in Argentina and still speaks Spanish. I
was in heaven, we had our own little Spanish corner.
Gospel principles was in Spanish. Juan basically sat and bore his
testimony of the Book of Mormon. He described the feelings he has when
he reads and when we teach.

     He also told us that a few weeks before we knocked on their door
he had a dream   where he was overwhelmed with light and the words
"Mesías." (Messiah) He said it was a sign to him that he needed to
find Him, and that he feels as though he has.

     I have absolutely fallen in love with everything about the
Hispanic culture- such kind, loving, people. Everyone we meet has
faith and a strong love of God deeply ingrained in them. It's just a
part of who they are. They are the most prepared people you meet,
softened hearts. Those Spanish speaking country missionaries don't
know how lucky they are.(; I may only see a few of the miracles that
happen working with them in my state-side Pennsylvania mission, but I
am SO grateful that I get to experience a part of it.

D&C 3: 16 Nevertheless, my work shall go forth, for inasmuch as the
knowledge of a Savior has come unto the world, through the testimony
of the Jews, even so shall the knowledge of a Savior come unto my
17 And to the Nephites, and the Jacobites, and the Josephites, and the
Zoramites, through the testimony of their fathers--
18 And this testimony shall come to the knowledge of the Lamanites,
and the Lemuelites, and the Ishmaelites, who dwindled in unbelief
because of the iniquity of their fathers, whom the Lord has suffered
to destroy their brethren the Nephites, because of their iniquities
and their abominations.
19 And for this very purpose are these plates preserved, which contain
these records--that the promises of the Lord might be fulfilled, which
he made to his people;
20 And that the Lamanites might come to the knowledge of their
fathers, and that they might know the promises of the Lord, and that
they may believe the gospel and rely upon the merits of Jesus Christ,
and be glorified through faith in his name, and that through their
repentance they might be saved. Amen."

On the other hand these past couple weeks we have been working on
contacting every single name on our ward records. Hahaha such a
contrast. It has not been the warmest of welcome to say the least....
Probably the most opposition/ anger I've encountered my entire mission
has been in the last two weeks by the 'members' themselves. We've
been told by at least 1/4 to have their names removed from the
records. I just wonder what happened. I still love this quote and have
to return to it often as we encounter these experiences.

"Let the elders be exceedingly careful about unnecessarily disturbing
and harrowing up the feelings of the people. Remember that your
business is to preach the Gospel in all humility and meekness, and
warn sinners to repent and come unto Christ. Avoid contentious and
vain disputes with men of corrupt minds, who do not desire to know the
truth. Remember that 'it is a day of warning, and not a day of many
words.' If they receive not your testimony in one place, flee to
another, remembering to cast no reflections, nor throw out any bitter
sayings. If you do your duty, it will be just as well with you, as
though all men embraced the Gospel."
        ⁃        Joseph Smith

Anyway, on a positive note- here's some pictures of Diana (right) and
Ellie- a member in the ward. Fellow shippers come in all shapes and
Also enjoy these pics of the house we moved this weekend. Testimony of
the word of wisdom so strong right now..... One day there was enough
to never pick up a cigarette haha.

Hasta la proxima semana,
hermana sears

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