Monday, February 22, 2016

This area is a dream. I love being in the city. I love walking. I love talking to everyone.

Hi fam.
What to write about this week?
The memorial Tuesday proved to be harder than I thought. Before we
started the missionaries all practiced the songs we would be singing
and I couldn't get a single word out. But when I got up to speak I
knew that Sister Wells was there that day, and I got through it. It
was a good service, centered on the plan of salvation.
The EMT and first responder from the scene of the accident came. He
said he felt the spirit in that car that day as he was helping the
sisters, so that Sunday he found the church and went. And to the
memorial. He's taking the lessons now.

This area is a dream. I love being in the city, I love walking, I love
talking to everyone. We meet the craziest people and the kindest
people. Such an adventure every day. It gets pretty crazy at night,
haha. Everyone just parties, haha. But the city is also full of Spanish
speakers. I'm in heaven. This week we basically spent every day
finding- street contacting, and tracting selectively. Because we don't
teach anyone in English, we look for clues of Hispanic households.
We teach quite a few people English, it's pretty fun. Last night I was
working with this guy, Felix, and he kept mistaking the word wife for
women. So he kept referring to his wife as his women.

Lisandra and Erick are moving into the elders area saturday. There is
so much else that's going on, but I don't really know where to start

Landa and I are so good together, we're always laughing. Which is
great because we're always walking. Speaking of- mom, I've gotta
figure out this Fitbit thing because I would kill it now. We walked 14
miles on Saturday alone haha. All over Lancaster. I want to get in on
this family competition now.... Haha.
Haha sister Landa and I have started a 'Lancaster pickup line' book,
it's so great. We've got some good ones.

Honestly this week sister Landa and I have found a huge amount of
strength and motivation to work harder whenever I think about sister
wells. The veil has felt so thin as we testify of the reality of the
plan of salvation to those we are teaching. There are some lessons I
have no doubt she was there with us.
Her family continues to amaze me. I'll forward the letter the family
sent to the missionaries here.

There's just too much to share what's going on, things are good.
Lancaster walk is the greatest area I will serve on my mission. Let me
know if you guys have any other questions.

Te amo. Cuidase.
Hermana Sears

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