Monday, February 8, 2016

" I know the Spirit doesn't speak a language, but I'm telling you- it sure loves Spanish!"

I have been busy busy packing all day. I am getting transferred! I
will be going to... Columbia! It is in Lancaster here out east. Which
means I will be in theeeee Spanish branch in the mission! It is a walk
area too, so it's a dream come true. Looks like I'll finally really be
needing all my cold weather stuff- coats, boots, gloves, etc. I will
not be teaching ANY English- all will be referred to the English
elders. I will be teaching ONLY in Spanish now on.

No car+ solo Español= Hermana Sears dream!

Okay, now for my last week here in Hanover. It was kind of like a
grand finale- we spent so much time with the members, and our Spanish
investigators this week. One of the highlights of my week was
Wednesday- Mariana invited us for homemade enchiladas verdes. It was
so fun spending time with their family- we were joking around and I
told them I wished I could hear what I sounded like to them with my
greenie accent. They all looked at me funny and told me I didn't have
an accent. Marianas sister said that when she met me she asked her if
I was from Mexico- hahaha. Made my life.
Sunday was amazing- it was fast Sunday so like I did in Butler I got
to say goodbye to the ward, and again bore my testimony in Spanish for
our special people.

After sacrament meeting Gino was in tears thanking us for following
the prompting to talk to him- he said he would not be here if he
hadn't had the opportunities he had to teach Laura and Juan with us-
and again said that he knew that God has reached out to him through
us. I can't help but feel like I was meant to be here for Gino. You
connect with some people more than others.
Gino and Juan also found out they are related.. From Peru. It is
amazing how they both came into each others lives at the perfect time-
same struggles and needs.

Our gospel principles class consisted of Hermana Smith and I, Gino
(Peru) Juan (Peru) Marcio (Brazil) Yolanda (Mexico) Sister Stough
(Mexico)- aka the future branch of the Hanover ward!!!!!!
It was amazing- the spirit was thick as smoke in that room. It turned
into more of a testimony meeting than anything. I know the spirit
doesn't speak a language, but I'm telling you- it sure loves

Tonight we will end on a strong note with five Spanish lessons
tonight. So many goodbyes haha. I am the worst with goodbyes- it's so
hard to stop and drop relationships with the people you have grown to
love to start all over again in a new place with new people.
Hermana smith is getting an English comp which makes me realllllly
nervous for what will happen with our Spanish investigators here.

Columbia (PA) here I come! 🇲🇽

Hermana Sears

Ps. My new comp and her previous one have a nasty virus and warned me
I'll probably be catching it. #prayers

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