Monday, April 25, 2016

Hey fam.
     Sorry I didn't write last week. Also sorry these get more and
more boring every week. I don't journal at all anymore so these have
kind of become that for me.. I wish I had more to report this week.
     It's been a rather disappointing week. We hit a major roadblock
with Victor. He's faced with the decision to either get divorced and
risk losing his house, car, and possibly residency here and his kids,
or not get baptized. The problem is that they are already separated,
she has the kids in Texas. There's more to it than that.. But anyway,
this is going to be a much longer journey than we thought with Victor.
His conversion will have to be solid to make a decision like this.
Honestly what I feel is that God will recognize his faith in taking
this step and things will work out. How could they not if someone were
doing the right thing? Obedience always brings blessings, right?
     Anyway, it's crazy how much we as missionaries invest in every
person we teach. It's annoying how much I care about them sometimes.
     Carlos had a stroke this week, but he is okay. He was not able to
come to church yesterday because of it, but he is already planning on
being back next week. He loves being there, and learning. He wants to
become a better example for his kids and grandkids. Better late than
never? His family is so supportive of him coming, and so grateful to
us. We hope there is potential in the future of his two sons- both in
their 30's, to come. His wife has also not come yet but is so sweet.
She's from El Salvador and has such a love for the Savior. She would
make such an amazing member! Haha. Carlos plans on inviting them when
he feels a little more prepared.
     It was kind of a somber week for the branch. A member passed away
unexpectedly and suddenly this week. He was such an amazing guy, spent
his entire life in service of the church. Everyone is definitely
feeling the loss of Hermano Calix. He was on the other side of the
branch, so I only saw him three times since I've been here. Once at a
baptism my first week here- he performed the baptism. The second time
he was volunteering in the DC temple baptistry in temple whites. And
the last was at his viewing, in his temple clothing. Pretty good way
to remember a guy who left such a huge impact not only on the branch,
but the entire Hispanic community here. He came here from Honduras
with his family. He was only 50 when he passed away. But his wife is a
rock. She's a strong lady.

     Alright how but the funniest part of my week? So one day we knock
on a door, and this Puerto Rican guy answers the door.. And starts
freaking out because he thought I was Ms. Brazil. For literally ten
minutes solid he was freaking out and taking selfies with me hahah.
When he finally understood that I was American he was still so excited
and trying to show everyone the pictures he took. Then told me I
should quit being a missionary and be Ms. universe a couple hundred
times hahah.
     Okay now for a weird story. So, this week we went to the Light of
The World Church.. We are allowed to as long as it doesn't interfere
with our church meetings ,obviously. Someone had invited us on the
condition that they come to ours after. It was the weirdest
experience.. I swear their church is the closest thing to our church.
There were too many weird similarities. Temple similarities, etc.
Also, this week was their general conference with their prophet, which
we were invited to in DC. But yeah, they sure were prepared for us. As
soon as we walked in two men came over and started bashing. One of
them had obviously spent some time studying the Book of Mormon so he
could contradict it with the bible. After thirty minutes of that, (I
just sat and took it like a man) the service started. It was a Spanish
congregation. People were getting pretty rowdy, hahah.
     The church (of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) is true! It was
interesting going to another church though. It was nice being around
other people who do care about the gospel and having God in their
lives, but also sad knowing they lacked a full comprehension of Him. I
couldn't help but just sit and imagine them as members of the church
one day hahah.

     Things are good. And slow. I'm just dying for transfer calls in a
few weeks to see if I'm leaving already... President Johnson told me
in my last interview they're not sending out anymore Spanish sisters
to the PPM mission, as in Hermana Smith (my last comp) and I are the
last ones. So there is a good chance my Spanish area will be a short
lived dream and elders will be doubled in. I've only been here for two
transfers though.. And at this point it's going to be 100 times harder
to have served in a real Spanish area,  then to leave it so soon ,than to
have never served here at all. I just feel like I'm actually
fulfilling my calling here. So leaving will be a hard, huge
transition. It is just so easy to love these people the second you
walk in the door. The problem is that the areas that are heavily
populated with many Spanish speakers are the most dangerous. Honestly
though I've never felt unsafe here. President Johnson is just very
     Transfer calls are the fourth of May..... So start praying mom! I
am not near ready to leave here.

Love you guys!
Congratulations to my bf Maddie getting married this week, you made
the most beautiful bride!

Hermana Sears

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