Monday, April 11, 2016

     Wow... I have two weeks to make up for. I'll start with
conference. I kind of forget everything when I don't send my weekly so
not a lot to report. Well, it was my first time watching it completely
in Spanish obviously. And probably the most spiritual experience I've
ever had watching. When I was more focused on the spirit than on
understanding every word perfectly I found myself forgetting I was
even listening in a second language.
     So victor is still doing so great. We are still working with him
towards his baptism on the 30. It's been cool bringing different
members from the branch out to all his lessons to share their unique
testimony of each principle we teach. One in particular we actually
had with Hermana Landa and her parents.. They came to pick her up from
her mission, so we invited them to come teach with us! It was perfect,
Hermana Landa's dad is from Mexico as well, and as we taught the word
of wisdom he was able to relate with the struggles and history of
Victor. The branch president- President Gogna, and his wife also came
out with us as we taught tithing. The fact that Victor has accepted
all these principles without question is a huge sign of how much his
faith has grown. He is always so excited to talk about what he's
reading in the Book of Mormon, and he listens to general conference
talks by President Monson every day at work. He loved conference.
Afterwards he asked us to show him the font, and when we showed him
you could see how happy it made him. Hearing him share his experiences
about praying nightly is also so humbling. He and his wife are
currently in the process of a divorce and she has the kids with her in
Texas, he struggles a lot not seeing them.
     Carlos also came and enjoyed conference. It has been so different
working with him, he is in his seventies. We move very slowly with
him, but he is making changes also. His wife has no interest herself
but always just says she's glad that he's finally changing.
     Hermana Busath is great. I have quite a bit of responsibility on
me right now in the area and with those we are teaching as I am the
only one that can communicate with them right now.
     The work is going well here. We're keeping busy, that's for sure.
And working with some amazing people. Sorry for such a boring week but
I sent lots of pictures to make up for it!

hermana sears

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