Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Hey fam.

Haha what do I even write about this week.... It's been a bumpy couple
weeks. We've really been struggling with just about... Everyone we're
teaching. It seems everyone is in the process of dropping us/ has been
hit with anti material. Anti is a huge issue out here. We seem to be
encountering it more and more every day. And the recent legislation/
decision has really been taking its toll..
So let's get to the good stuff. Hannah and Olivia are getting
baptized! November 29. I love these girls. They've been dealt a real
rough hand in life. They've both grown up in homeless shelters for the
most part of their lives. They're both such smart girls and they're so
happy all the time.
Deb is doing great. She is already talking about when she joins the
church and is baptized. She will have to overcome her anxieties, but
she will get there.
So as for the bumpy. Kirsten and Cory have obviously been anti'd. We
lost contact with them this week.
Something happened with Jeremy's parents, Becky and Mark this week-
there has been a little falling out. We're so scared were losing
Jeremy. He needs this so much.
We can't make any contact with Faye. She's started chemo so she's not
in the best of health. We hope that is all that's keeping her from

It's just been a frustrating week. But we're just plugging along.
Don't know why everyone and their dog has decided to drop us this
week. We've been fasting every day this week for some help, but not
much is coming.

The highlight of my week besides Hannah and Olivia was MLC. Elder Kunz
from the area seventy was there and did our training. It was a really
great day. (Another highlight was playing volleyball after. Two elders in
MLC played college pre mish- BYU and Ohio state, so we made the "dream
team" and had fun.)

Anyway, I guess this is the part of the mission I'm supposed to learn
from? Haha. Maybe I'll have some birthday luck.
Love you!

Hermana Sears


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