Saturday, March 28, 2015

Week 1- part 2

Few things. 
Gia. Please send advice/ encouragement. Miss you lots. 
Kelsie- I met Elder Mafi here at the CCM!

So... Overall this has been a really hard week. To say the least. I think about all of you at home a lot. I am trying to stay happy. You were right that if you make it to Sunday it gets better. I try to find the good in the little things. Last night that came in the form of Costco pizza, our first american food since we´ve been here hahaha. I keep reminding myself that everyone has given up a lot to be here, (in my case someone.) 
The first couple days were honestly the hardest days of my life. The first night as I sat in my casa I looked at my hermanas and asked "How are you even functioning right now?" I went straight to bed and cried myself to sleep hugging my teddy bear. (hahaha shout out to Hunter.) But that's just how it is here. It gets easier each day. Mi familia, please remember me in your prayers as I do for you. This is hard- I've never been so grateful for my family. I love you guys. And miss you like crazy. Thank you for everything you did to help get me here. Mom especially. Dad- some comic relief would be great. Haha. 
Sorry to be so heavy, but my heart is heavy. Ive never spent so much time on my knees. Sometimes I have  so much to say I never want to stand up. My knees are hardening. 

"Serve the Lord the way you want to be served on judgement day."
-´nuff said.

Dear Elder is fro PROVO, not Mexico. It takes two weeks to get here.

you can send SAME DAY LETTERS, food and packages. POR FAVOR. Its basically the Dear Elder of Mexico.

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