Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Hi family.
     Um, first CONGRATULATIONS to Kelsie, YOU'RE ENGAGED! I was so
excited all day when I got the email. I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!
     Well this week was certainly an unexpected one. Lots of emotions,
haha. Let me explain... Wednesday night we got a text from the zone
leaders saying we were to be at the stake center the next day for an
emergency meeting with President Johnson. They didn't know what it was
about themselves, so obviously we were panicking all night wondering
what was happening. President Johnson, former business man/ CFO is
never so unorganized about anything. Everything with him is about
productivity and effectiveness. So the big news is, I'm being sent to
a new mission. Baltimore, Maryland! It was not easy news to take in
honestly. I've spent almost the last two years since I got my call
setting my mind on the fact that I had been called to serve in
Pittsburgh, PA, and this is where I was meant to be. I should have
paid a little more attention to the line in the call letter that says
"your assignment may be modified according to the needs of the mission
     I am the only one being sent to Baltimore with only two transfers
left in my mission. Afterwards President Johnson and the APs pulled me
aside and explained how he really did struggle over my name, but knew
that he couldn't give me the opportunity to speak Spanish in the
mission anymore, and that I could there. It was kind of cool, they
said how any time a missionary is changed from one mission to another,
like when a missionary is assigned, a member of the quorum of the
twelve has to approve each case. So if they know it's right, it must
be, right? Haha.
     Baltimore, Maryland here I come?
     So here's how it'll work. The Lancaster stake is being moved into
the Maryland, Baltimore mission. So I may end up staying here until
the end of my mission, or I may spend my last transfer somewhere in
the new mission. I've decided I'll be happy with either. I obviously
love where I'm at and the people here, but if I get transferred, I
assume it will be somewhere else Spanish speaking, so it's something
new. I've already been here longer than average, and with Hermana
Smith WAY longer than average. So it's possible she will stay and I
will go. It's also possible though because I only have one left here
he will keep me and send her. I JUST WANT TO KNOW. Haha. The only
other bad thing is I'll be going home with a group of people I don't
know. When missionaries go home they give a departing testimony at the
last zone conference, and spend the night before they go home in the
mission home with the mission president and his wife. It will be even
weirder if I stay in Lancaster until I go home, because the only thing
that will change will be going home with another mission, haha. This
week is going to be strange. We feel like we're just in limbo right
now, in between missions haha.
     As for her in Lancaster, we're working with some really solid
people right now. Suzie is eating the Book of Mormon up, she's already
midway through the book of Alma, haha. This week we asked her again if
she knew it was true, to which we got a 15 minute explanation of all
the reasons she knew it to be true, and added that she wouldn't have
the book in her hands if Joseph Smith wasn't a prophet of God. Very
happy missionary moment.
     We also started teaching a guy named Pablo from Santo Domingo who
just got here. It just so happened his friend from the DR had been
inviting and taking him to church for a while now. God definitely took
care of him, we found him within 10 days of arriving to the states.
     It's been crazy in Lancaster this week. It was celebrate
Lancaster day on Friday and Saturday, and there was a huge gay pride
festival on Tuesday and Wednesday. We've had some fun encounters! Haha

     That's really all for right now. My mission just isn't going to
end the way I ever thought it would. But it's okay, new things are

Hermana Sears

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