Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May 30, 2016


     This week was a hot one. It was 86 the past four days, with 60%
humidity- which feels like 110. We were outside alllllll those days.
It was great haha. I've never sweat so much in my life. Also, the AC
in our apt does not work so our apt has literally been 90 degrees
every night hahah. Anyway, everyone is finally coming out of their
winter hiding places. We've been talking to so many people, and
getting a little color while we're at it.
     The best part of my week was a lesson we had with a woman were
teaching named Suzie. It was possibly the best lesson I've had on my
mission. I have been working on the mentioned changes (last week) as I
teach, and the difference was incredible. With each point we taught of
the Plan of Salvation, we pulled it straight from the Book of Mormon.
I know it sounds simple, but sometimes you get caught up being the
teacher, not the witness. She began asking where the verses were found
so she could mark them and share them with people she knew, and by the
end was explaining to us how the Book of Mormon clarified everything
she read in the bible, how she understood it's purpose, and knew it to
be true. The spirit really had given me just the counsel I needed.
     This week during our service with Fardowsa and her husband, the
Somalian couple, she shared a little more of her story with us. Turns
out she had to leave her mom, brother, and three other children in
South Africa in order to get out of the refugee camps. She's now
working on saving enough money to bring them here. Good news is, she
has learned enough English that she got a job working at in a hotel
kitchen! That was super cool.
     Yesterday was the one year anniversary of the Columbia Spanish
branch here. Both sides of the branch met together on our side. It was
a pretty long day- three hours of church, an hour baptism, an hour
dinner together after, and an hour of cleanup after. But, seeing the
branch all together was so great. Nothing better than a room full of
the people I love! Carlos got to meet lots of people in the branch and
really enjoyed the day.
     This week a family we've been working with since I got here have
finally chosen a date to get married so Yara (the mom) can be
baptized. It's been a very long process, but we're so happy for them.
They're a great family. Her daughter Guingy is a recent convert we
teach, and the cutest thing ever.
     Another happy moment of the week, we got to meet a family who
we've only seen once since I've been here. They moved here from Utah
less than a year ago, the wife has only been a member for a little
over a year. With the upcoming open house of the Philadelphia temple,
we were able to talk to them about preparing for the temple together.
They have two young kids and one more on the way. They are also my
best friends and sooooo cute.
     In zone training it was announced that all missionaries serving
in our stake will be able to attend the temple open house in
Philadelphia a day before it opens for the public with investigators.
Now I really can't get transferred in three weeks.....
     There aren't many options for what will happen this transfer
considering I and my two companions  are the last Spanish speaking
sisters in the mission, and Hermana Busath goes home in three weeks.
Either I will stay here for another transfer with Hermana Smith (which
will make four transfers together,) or we will both get doubled out
and elders will take over the area.
     Okay, back to it. So in Lancaster there are "community pianos"
everywhere downtown. Each one is painted super crazy and placed in
random places. There are dozens and dozens of them all over. This week
we stopped at one,  Hermana Smih played the piano, and Hermana Busath
and I sang Spanish hymns. It was a really cool way to talk to people,
and some people joined and sang with us. I love Lancaster.

Summary of my week is restored gospel= eternal families.
The church is true.

Hermana Sears

Ps... This week is my proof that I am not at fault for my cheeks.

#1- Typical Puerto Rican meal
#2- Colombian meal
#3- Dominican meal
#4- Cuban meal
#5- Mexican desserts

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