Monday, March 28, 2016

Hiiiiiiiiiii and Feliz pascua

     Not a whole lot to write about this week and not a lot of time to
write, BUT we went to the DC temple with the branch this week! It was
amazing- it was the branch's first temple trip together, so they were
all so excited. Being inside the temple with my little branch family
felt a little bit like heaven. It was Francisca's first trip to the
temple as well, she had such an amazing experience. She bore her
testimony yesterday at church about how special a day it was for her.
We had to wake up at 3:30 am to drive to the temple, we were
exhausted. Especially after a drive in a guagua (pronounced wawa)
(van) packed full of 15 Puerto Ricans. Hahaha but we got to the temple
just in time to catch the sun rise bouncing off the spires of the
temple. That place is beautiful.
     Tomorrow Hermana Landa goes home! My new comp will be Hermana
Busath, she's a lot of fun, I'm excited.
     Thank you so much to my family for the Easter love! Shoutout to
the Maxfield/ sears fam.(: I love you guys!
Other than that it's just a bunch of pictures today.

Hermana Sears
Ps. The church is true

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