Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas as a missionary is amazing......

Well my official pday will be Thursday, Christmas Eve. But I'll tell
you a couple things that went on last week.
     Christmas as a missionary is amazing. We've had lots of service
opportunities every day this week. Tuesday night we went caroling in
Gettysburg square, Wednesday and Thursday we got to be a part of a
Christmas project at the food pantry where we work at once a week
normally. They gave Christmas to families and individuals who use
their food pantry. I got to help two families Christmas 'shop.' One
was a young couple with three young kids, and the other was a single
mom with one young girl. I was thrilled to help her, she was Spanish
     Thursday and Friday night all the 20 missionaries of our
   Chambersburg zone got to be a part of a live nativity, it was
amazing. The stake president put it on, and he went all out. We had
live alpacas, donkeys, goats, sheep, chickens, etc. I played one of
the Shepards. In the two nights, over 1,000 people showed up from the
area. We were surprised to see much of the Amish and Mennonite
community come. We reenacted it every fifteen minutes for two hours
both nights, and in between each one we talked to people. It's so
amazing how people's hearts are softened and everyone comes together
this time of year.
     Saturday sister smith and I hosted a zone activity in Hanover. We
went caroling to ten homes. Some investigators, Spanish and English,
and ward members. It meant so much to them. Brother Remmington just
got home from another month in an in patient physical therapy center,
so it was a nice welcome home for him. He is still progressing slowly.
We ended up at the Willoughby's house for dinner which Hermana 
Smith and I got stuck making for everyone. The Christmas gift cards from the
ward ended up going towards that. Haha.
     Sunday we sang in sacrament meeting together, and got to help
Hermana Yolanda with her family history work. Her husbands name is
ready to take to the temple!
     A little miracle, Tuesday while on exchanges with Sister wells,
we had literally walked for hours and hours trying people with zero
success. We had 15 minutes until we had to head back to exchange back,
but I kept feeling like we needed to try and see Faye. I tried to talk
myself out of it again and again, I knew she was sick, we had tried a
million times before. But when we went, they answered the door, and we
got to see Faye! In fact we've seen her three times since then!
     Faye is incredible. She has continued reading her scriptures
every single day through her illness. She is unlike anyone I've ever
met. Faye should have passed away 15 years ago but the doctors have
told her it is literally her positive attitude that has kept her
alive. She has three terminal illnesses, but if you talked to her you
would never guess. She is the sweetest person you could ever meet.
Even though she's just recovering from falling out of remission she
couldn't let her friends, neighbors, the greeters at Walmart, her dogs
vet go without her annual Christmas cookies. The best are the poodle
shape cookies she made in honor of her poodle service dog.(:
      Another interesting fact about Faye. The many hours we've spent
making Christmas cookies with Faye we've gotten to hear all about her
life story. Faye has worked with every big name in Hollywood you could
possibly think of. I'll just have to send her list someday, there's
too many to list. But she's so funny about it. The reason she made it
big was because she could always walk onto a set and never be star
struck by anyone. I'll have to send some pictures of her work, it's so
     We're just so happy to have Faye back. Who knows if she will ever
get well enough to go to church, but for now she's doing everything
she can be.
     This week we got a new secret weapon- an RM in the ward! Fresh
from the Pocatello Idaho mission. Let me tell you, RM's are
missionaries best friends. They're so socially awkward and wannabe
missionaries still that they're just dying to go out with you and
refer everyone and their dog to you. Anyway, we're loving the help. He
came with us to teach Faye this week, and instantly fell in love with
her as soon as he realized how amazing she is.
     We have been teaching more Spanish than English lately! It's
great. Laura and Juan are doing so well. We saw them last night and
they were so excited to tell us they had been reading and they've
always got a million questions. Last night we committed them to
baptism, and they said YES! They said "so they (their two girls) will
have to wait until they grow up?" I am SO happy I could die. They're
coming to a baptism the Gettysburg elders are having Saturday.
Honestly... I know I shouldn't get my hopes up. They haven't attended
church yet. The Spanish branch is in York, an hour away. Please pray
for their family!

I'm holding up okay since Hunter's departure. To be honest my
companion thinks I'm depressed. But I just need my time to mourn and
I'll be okay haha. It's been hard.

Merry Christmas, I love you! Thank you for all the Christmas wishes.
The church is true.

Hermana Sears

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