Tuesday, August 11, 2015



Swapped my Pday so today's the day! We're at the Pirates game in Pittsburgh vs the Dodgers! Gonna be a good one. Should be the perfect day for the game, no rain yet. We're right behind third, and we're here with my comp Sister Welch's grandparents who are serving here as well, by total coincidence. 
Mom, you got to talk to my companion's mom this week again? Her grandparents were referring to MLC, where all the district leaders, zone leaders, and missionaries in leadership positions meet monthly with the mission president for training. Sister welch and I, the Butler sisters got recognized in MLC this week, her grandparents were there. 
It was an interesting week. Monday was fun in downtown Pitt running around. No missed buses this time.  We did run into "crazy Mike," the man who assaulted the Elder in Pittsburgh. He just got out of jail, haha. We smiled and said hello and kept walking. His picture has been sent through the whole mission so we know who to avoid haha. 
I could bore you with updates, but here's a quick one. We're teaching a variety of people. Speaking of, one of our investigators got out of prison last week, (not Thomas) so we were pretty excited. It was crazy, the first time we met him he told us about a dream he had about the scripture James 1:5! I couldn't believe it. 
This week I taught the most unconventional Plan of Salvation lesson yet. We showed up to Christy's and she was working on laundry, so I fed her baby while she worked, and we taught the Plan of Salvation. At the end of her lesson she said she wanted her whole family to be baptized. (Her kids are 1 and 4) but that was really cool. I am almost reserved in getting to excited though, because she and her husband smoke. I never knew that would be the biggest challenge to overcome with people I teach. It has been so frustrating.
Bill's date is still pending  him quitting. He is still smoking "a few puffs" of a cigarette a day. But he's trying, and we're doing our best to help him. 
We have so many friends around Butler... Anywhere we go we run into people, or we hear them haha. We know just about every homeless person in Butler, from walking around or from serving at Katie's Kitchen. Sometimes we're teaching outside somewhere and our friends will just walk up and join us, haha.  
Okay now for the interesting part.... We ended up in the ER twice this week in two days. (Don't worry mom- not for us.) 
We were walking around the Butler hospital and there was a woman sitting on the side of the curb, didn't look good. She had a patient belongings bag, four patient wristbands, and still had ekg pads on. I knew something was up, so we tried asking her if we could help. She was in no shape to be out, she couldn't speak, and was trying to walk five miles to the methadone clinic to be there in the morning when they open. That's a big thing here. She was having severe withdrawals, couldn't walk straight. We could hear her mom on the phone pleading with her to go back to the hospital and get help. 
We couldn't leave her wandering the street, so we walked with her. She finally sat down to take a rest and started crying. Sister Welch was on the phone with the hospital trying to tell them the situation. So about an hour later, I talked her into signing herself back into the hospital. 
We went back to see her the next morning, and she was still in bad shape, crying and begging for methadone. Unfortunately it seemed to be completely routine for the nurses and docs here. Just another day in Butler. It was so sad. 
So this morning we were teaching Ross, and an elderly woman tripped and fell and hit her head on the concrete right next to us, and was  bleeding uncontrollably. We called an ambulance and I got to play paramedic and held the bleeding back until they arrived. We went back to see her at the hospital later that day, but she was in getting X-rays. She should be okay. 
So I guess we were put where we were supposed to be at the right time for both of these people! The life of a missionary in Butler always keeps you on your toes. 

Anyway, I'm at the game, go Bucs!!­čĺŤ⚫️
Hermana Sears­čĺť

Ps. The church is true. 

El mensaje de la Restauraci├│n (2:22)

El mensaje de la Restauraci├│n (2:22) Declaramos al mundo que la plenitud del evangelio de Jesucristo ha sido restaurada a la tierra.

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