Sunday, July 5, 2015

" I guess he really loves me this week...."

Hey fam.

K first of all I gotta say.... Obama is the devil(((((: k that's all. Don't edit that one out mom.(: 

This week was kind of tough. But it was good. We definitely kept busy.... Saturday we had 9 set appointments six hours.... Killin it here in Butler. Haha. 
So we got to see Thomas at Produce to People on Tuesday. We aren't really sure about him anymore. But Brother Matson, the guy in our ward who teaches in the prisons will be overseeing that now, or he will be passed on the the Elders.
Brother Matson is so awesome. He is the greatest resource, he knows everyone we're teaching ,haha. Because he does AA meeting and recovery programs and what not he just got a called to begin a church sponsored addiction recovery program in Butler. There is more than definitely a need for it here. 
Anyway, Produce to People is always our favorite. Over 550 people waited in line this week.. Lots of people here in need. 
Katie's was just as full this week. Over 200 people came. We meet many homeless people on the streets. Most are not so kind. Haha. 
Phyllis is doing great. We're still going over and reading with her. She is so in tune. None of the members here believe we are teaching a Roman Catholic woman haha, people are very... Stuck in their ways here. She told us "she's not sure if she wants to be a Latter Day Saint yet, but she's reading and studying to find out." 
Bill... Bill... Really struggling with the word of wisdom. We had to push his baptismal date back. He smokes and drinks heavily, especially since his wife's passing. Pray for him! 
We now have five spanish investigators, unheard of in this area. Cuahutemoc, the first guy we met, brings guys he works with when we meet him and we help them with their English. Yesterday we taught the Restoration. Woooow I love teaching in Spanish. 
By the way, when I say having Spanish investigators in this area is unheard of, I mean there has not been a single one since 2006. And now Sister Davis and I have 5. #blessed. Haha, it really is amazing. Our  hard work is paying off. 
We've been seeing Ivan a lot. He feeds us all the time, haha. Mas español. Puerto Rican Spanish is a little different, but I'm learning. We want Ivan to "see it" so bad- to read the Book of Mormon. He would love it. But he doesn't get it. You can only teach the restoration so many times... 

Some interesting things of the week... There was a tornado that touched down a couple miles from us Saturday. We get tornado and flash flood warnings almost daily! It has rained every single day for two months. And this is summer? 
Yesterday on the way to an appt I came around a corner and almost hit a cow! It had escaped somehow so I got our and herded it back into the fence hahah. Typical PA. 
I got the okay to drive finally! The roads here are so fun. All the roads we take are back roads, PA does not have flat road anywhere, oh and no cops either hahah. Jk mom. 

Anyway no time today. I'm actually doing something for the first time on a pday haha. We're meeting s bunch of missionaries down at The Point to play ultimate frisbee and wandering the strip district and whatever else downtown Pittsburgh. 
So guess what I'm doing on the 4th? A die-hard Pirates fan member in our ward got us tickets to the game and decked us out in pirates gear hahaha. We're so excited! (We got permission to exchange pdays) 
Go pirates!! 

Have you been hearing about Sabbath Day observance at home as much as we have here? The Quorum of the Twelve has issued emergency instructions to teach this. There must be something going on. 
I wish I would have been better about keeping the Sabbath at home. I see how important it is. (I guess I've learned a thing or two on my mission haha.) Though hiking on Sunday's was always my guilty pleasure.. I will give it up haha. 

One last experience of the week. An appointment fell through so I suggested we see a less active woman who lived nearby. When we got there she had fallen and had been stuck for hours without help. (She's an older lady.) We tried to help her again and again but she could not move. Finally I told her "I know i can't give you a priesthood blessing, but can I say a prayer with you?" I did, and she stood up immediately. Lucky to be there! 

That's all for this week. 
Came across this scripture after a particular day full of anti encounters and unfriendly people.

“He that will not bear chastisement is not worthy of my kingdom. For whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth.”

I guess he really loves me this week! 

"It's true isn't it? Then what else matters? The cause in which we are laboring is true." - Neil L Anderson. 

The church is true. 
Hermana Sears💜

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