Sunday, June 14, 2015

Can you believe it'll be three months?

Hey hey. 

Can you believe it'll be three months on Thursday? Wow. Not a whole lot to report this week. 
Monday was great, That morning we were planning who we should see that day, we planned it all out. Then the thought popped into my head we should go see Sister Pait, the woman who just lost her husband. So we sat down and completely re-planned out day and our lessons because she lives on the other side of town. When we arrived at her house, to our surprise she answered the door. When I asked how she was doing she said "Today is our anniversary." and broke down. I broke down too, haha. We spent the night listening to her tell stories, show us pictures, etc. We were so glad we were able to be there on such a tough day.

We got to serve dinner at Katie's Kitchen again Thursday. I love it, haha. One guy was talking to us, then realized we were "the mormons." And he went off, haha. Our friends who we serve with every week there chimed in to stick up for us "Don't worry, they're good mormons. Not like that bad mormon." They were referring to the prophet, talk about a back-handed compliment! 
I am getting better at handling the.... unfriendly people haha. Sometimes sister davis and I wonder if  common sense or courtesy exists here. But I am getting better. Once we convince them no, we are not polygamists, and we are not sister wives, then sometimes they'll listen. Interesting enough everyone here loves Mitt Romney , which makes no sense. 
We got to watch L. Tom Perry's funeral Friday. Did you guys watch that? It was so good. Even President Monson spoke. 
We met our fair share of crazies this week. Yesterday we found ourselves accidentally in a "mentally disturbed home." Made some friends there, woops. 

Also yesterday when we went to one of our appointments the guy's reply was "Well, I've got company upstairs undressed. But how long will this take?" Haha k..... we rescheduled. 

I've still got my greenie fire, haha. I talk to everyone still.  saw a Spanish speaking guy at Walmart and got so excited I had to talk to him haha, we have an appointment with him tomorrow. I even talk to the people we used to pass by that told us "I'm catholic." "I'm this." "I'm that." I now talk to anyway. This is how we met Phyllis, yes, A GIRL investigator! Haha. She said "I'm Roman Catholic." Rather than leaving after that I asked if she would like to listen anyway. She did. Since then she has begun reading the Book of Mormon, and loves it! 
Both Bill and Ivan came to church this Sunday. Bill is a tricky one. It is very hard to try and answer all the questions of a scientist who has picked apart the book for 20 years. We finally just told him none of those questions matter, it all comes down to whether or not it is true. He is getting baptized, but we have a lot of work to do before then. He believes this church is "the most true church, 99.99%" We have to get him to 100% first, haha. 
Ivan is so great, he invites us for Puerto Rican food all the time now. 
Kind of funny, we're now teaching five different people in three different half-way houses in Butler. Butler made national headlines for it's heroine problem this past week. I guess they broke records for five people dying in ten days. It's a serious problem here. 

Good news though, we are now teaching a family of seven.(: So this is what a normal mission is like? 

One last thing, I guess my speeding record is finally catching up with me haha. I haven't been able to drive because of my record, but good news- on the 17th  I will be watching a two and a half hour video and "going on a drive" with the fleet coordinator to examine my driving. Hahaha. What ,do they think I'm going to speed while they're in the car?

Sorry for the brief letter this week, there's a little update. The church is true! 
Hermana Sears 

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