Wednesday, May 27, 2015

We can read emails EVERYDAY now!


It was so good to talk to you on Tuesday! Only 7 months til next time. Hahah. I kind of blew it, I had a million stories to tell you guys but I blanked. 
Anyway, we got our iPads! Best part..... We can read emails EVERYDAY now! So that means I will get and read them instantly now. I just can't respond til pday. Crazy huh? It's different, I already feel so much more connected to the real world, haha. Honestly not sure how I feel about it. Lots of exciting stuff. It is possible that in the near future we will be able to skype our families to join lessons with investigators here! So you guys could help teach! 
Anyway, now you know I'll be checking everyday, no pressure haha. 

This week was our slowest. Not much happened. We did, however get to go back to dinner last night where Ivan, the Puerto Rican made us dinner. This house they live in is a house of seven guys, it's a halfway house. They are all so nice, and they even have a "family" dog, haha. Ivan is so great, he made sure to invite my family back for dinner (when you guys pick me up in a year and a half.) Haha. It is true that Hispanic people are just kind by nature. It felt so good to be speaking in Spanish! 

We saw Bill again, the man who had been studying the Book of Mormon for 20 years. His funeral service is tomorrow, so when we saw him he was understandably distraught, and showed us all their pictures and memories. Bill does not believe that marriage is eternal. His words were: "I hope one day up there I'll bump into her and see what's up. I really miss  her." Basically he thinks that marriage is only something in this life. We again left him with the message of the plan of salvation, and bore testimony that his wife is waiting for him, and he will see her again. He lit up. He understands that it is no coincidence that we knocked on his door. 

Danny is doing alright. He has not smoked a cigarette since our lesson, last week! Pretty amazing, considering he's been smoking 30/ day for 30 years. We had the ward mission leader give him a priesthood blessing. He was so excited, he walked in the church and told everyone "I'm getting blessed!" After the blessing he was teary and said, "I felt it again." (The holy ghost) Danny is a special guy, it will be so sad to see him go in a week. 

Man, you are sure put to the test here. Everyone you come into contact with wants to challenge everything you've believed your whole life, even the members. You wouldn't expect to have those kind of conversations at dinner appointments with members. Even in gospel doctrine people always have something contrary to say. It definitely makes me work harder to root what I believe. I am constantly praying and working on renewing my testimony. 

Anyway, I really love the people here. I don't want to leave Butler. 1/10 people not slamming the door is better than 1/20, like most places in PA. Should be a good week.

Hermana Sears

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